Old Masters

We shouldn’t forget that back in the days of the Old Masters women were legally only allowed to be muses and/or models but never artists in their own right. Even their poses are clearly steered towards a male audience and were generally showing the women as erotic, bewitching and available creatures with the single purpose to please men.

The way the skin is done in these drawings is my calling card and on the one hand reminds me of Korean ceramics (my mother is from South Korea), which have a beautiful crackle glazing that ideally breaks up evenly everywhere. So amazing to look at, so difficult to achieve.

On the other hand I want to make sure that the viewer sees something that looks absolutely perfect and stunning to start with but as soon as you approach and see more details you notice that everything is broken up into tiny pieces so obviously things are not as good as they appear in the beginning. A lot of us are hurting on the inside, quietly and often times undetected. That does not mean that the pain is not real though.

Every work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Price: 2500 €

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