Natalie Arsenow Fine Art Drawings

Natalie Arsenow grew up and got her Master degree in Fine Arts in Germany. She was encouraged to try out various techniques, which she did with a lot of zeal and passion but drawing has always been her absolute favourite. 

During the past 2 years she participated in numerous group exhibitions and also had several solo shows, all in and around Brussels, where she has lived since 2014. Before that Arsenow resided in Paris, Leuven, Seoul and Los Angeles.

Currently the artist is fine tuning her signature style as well as exploring different ideas and methods because she believes that one should never stop learning and experimenting.

Because bare, white walls are not sexy.

Natalie Arsenow creates intricate drawings, which people can enjoy simply for their aesthetic value and inherent beauty. However, she does also love to inject a slight feminist touch. Therefore the artist draws portraits, usually depicting women only, because in her opinion it is high time to put women in the limelight and on a pedestal, where they belong, after existing in obscurity for many centuries.

The inspiration comes from Old Masters on the one hand and photographs depicting actresses on the other hand. She tends to chose famous portraits from the Renaissance and Baroque period and images of rather well-known actresses from the past and present because the audience is able to recognize them, which creates an immediate link between the artwork and the viewer.




  • 09.11. – 14.12. Group exhibition on the topic “Marriage Stories” at the Campo & Campo Art Gallery in Antwerp
  • 01. – 14. May Group exhibition at Portraits InternationalGallery in Brussels
  • 12.04. – 15.06. Solo exhibition at Maryline Hair Concept
  • 09. – 31.03. Solo exhibition at Elzenhof in Ixelles
  • 03. – 31.03. Group exhibition in connection with International Women’s Day at Arthis, Belgo-Romanian cultural centre, Brussels
  • 11.02. Group exhibition “Inner Travels” at RHoK in Etterbeek
  • 10. – 12.02. Group exhibition “Carte de Visite“, Brussels


  • 09. – 11.12. Group exhibition “Extra Small” at the Maison des Arts in Schaerbeek
  • 07. – 09.10. Group exhibition “Parcours d’Artistes” d’Etterbeek
  • 22. – 25.09. Group exhibition with the gallery This Is Not Belgium at GH Market in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
  • 07.07. – 31.08. Group exhibition at the townhall of Etterbeek
  • 24. – 26.06. Group exhibition at RHok Expo, Etterbeek
  • 20. – 22.05. Group exhibition “Art Truc Troc”, Gare Maritime, Tour & Taxis, Brussels
  • 13. – 27.05. Group exhibition “Troast” at GC Kontakt, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
  • 23. – 27.03. Group exhibition Affordable Art Fair Brussels with This Is Not Belgium, Tour & Taxis, Brussels
  • 11. – 25.03. Solo exhibition “Women Can Do Anything” at GC Kontakt, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
  • 04. – 24.03. Group exhibition “Regards de Femmes” at Arthis, Belgo-Romanian cultural centre, Brussels
  • 28.02. – 28.04. Group exhibition “Shine The Light” virtual art exhibition hosted by Inside Small Exhibits
  • 19.02. Group exhibition “Remake – Work in Progress“, Expo Project at RHoK Etterbeek
  • 11. – 13.02. Group exhibition “Carte de Visite“, Vanderborght Building, Brussels
  • 01. – 28.02. 11th annual “All Women Online Art Exhibition“, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California
  • 07.01. – 25.02. Solo exhibition “No, I don’t cook“, Window Expo at GC De Maalbeek, Brussels


  • 22.12. – 09.01. Winner of “Expo Nationale“, organised by the Museum Pass in the Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels
  • 08.10. – 11.12. Group exhibition at Funky Interior, Waversebaan 164, Heverlee
  • 12.04. – 06.06. Group exhibition at Noon Consulting, Chaussee de Louvain 803, Brussels


  • 03. – 26.09. Group exhibition “Geometria“, Arthus Gallery, Place du Chatelain 37, Brussels
  • 07. – 09.02. Group exhibition “Carte de Visite“, Vanderborght Building, Brussels


  • 03.10. – 06.12. Solo exhibition “Women in Art“, Cobra Bar and Gallery, Brussels
  • 08. – 22.06. Group exhibition at Portaelsschool, Vilvoorde


  • 14.09. – 13.11. Solo exhibition at Zoom Hotel, Brussels

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