I have wanted to become an artist for as long as I can remember. I actually have a master’s degree for fine arts and art history and in 2020 I asked myself if I finally wanted to give it a serious go and the answer was “Hell, yes!”


Since 2016 I work in the wonderful Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, which consists of several museums (Old Masters, Magritte, Fin de Siecle) and also regularly organises outstanding temporary exhibitions.


In 2015 I started my own company called “Art for Everyone” where I organise art classes, guided tours, day trips and other fun activities for expats, usually in and around Brussels. This is certainly my favourite hobby!


For the past 20 years I have been working as an art and English teacher in various secondary schools. Teaching teenagers is a great challenge but if you can awaken their interest and make them proud of what they are doing it is absolutely the best job in the world.

Personal Information

Drawing has always been one of the artist’s absolutely favourite activities, which she is happy to perform for hours on end. During her A-levels in Germany she chose Fine Arts as one of her 3 main subjects and after finishing high school went on to university where she got a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Art History. After that her involvement with the practical side of art got put on hold for quite a while as other things became more important. Natalie Arsenow moved abroad, started her first job teaching art at a secondary school, learned different languages and generally built a new life. For approximately 15 years she only made drawings when she needed examples for her students. Finally, in 2017, she decided to get back into drawing. And for the last 2 years the artist has been more serious about this and made sure that she was able to draw for several hours every week.

In 2008 she took part in a photography course, mainly to finally be able to use all of the functions of her DSLR camera. She obviously noticed that composition is pretty much the same no matter if we are talking about drawings, paintings of photographs. In 2009 she joined a photography club that organised weekly meetings, challenges and exhibitions. She was mainly in love with topics such as architecture, simplicity and calmth. In 2019 she finally started buying some art from other photographers and noticed that her heart is usually drawn to surreal images. This is why she recently started honing this skill as well, which gives her a lot of pleasure and it is a also nice change from her extremely meticulous drawings.

Publications with my works

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