The artist does realise that buying unique, fine art drawings is a costly business. Therefore she is always searching for options to make it possible for anyone to aquire one of her works.

Fine Art Prints

These two drawings have been professionally scanned and were printed on high quality fine art paper (Hahnemühle matt fibre). It is almost impossible to differentiate the original from the copy.

Both are being sold in a limited edition of 100 prints per artwork. Each print is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: 20 x 30 cm

Price: 96€

I am Not Angry

These unique, small-size drawings are referring to the fact that women are very quickly called “angry” when they demand something, which would be seens as a positive characteristic in a man (“He knows what he wants.”) but is definitely not appreciated in a woman. If we do react in an emotional manner we are seen as weak and often not logical as if anger was not an emotion as well. One way or the other I feel that oftentimes we simply cannot win no matter how we react.

The black matt around the drawing is 17,5 x 25 cm.

Price: 85€

I am so Tired of Fighting

Evolving, trying new things, daring to go our of your comfort zone are some of the most scary but also rewarding things that you can do in life in general. These unique aquarell paintings have forced me to let go of control, going with the flow and simply let things happen that I have no influence in in the first place. I think that art can teach you so many things first and foremost that you should sometimes just sit back and wait for things to turn out right (hopefully).

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Price: 250€

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