Totally in love with your work and style. Selim

What can I say? This is just stunning. You are very talented. Well done. Olivier

Really so in love with her style, the meaning behind her work. Her piece gives me joy, every day. It’s mysterious and relatable, it’s soft and strong. It’s beauty and power. That’s what is tells me. And even though it seems to combine contrasts, it complements different perspectives with ease. That’s why I love love to watch it. I moved to the desk and she moved with me. When I think, I look up at my own woman in obscurity and I feel comfortly semi hidden with her. It really, really is my favorite thing in the house. Eve

Original, graphique, très beau travail! Isa

An amazing drawing – love all the linework that create all the textures with the portrait and the hair. Rakha

Legit one of the most impressive styles ive seen. Edgar

I like about your work a mystery and secret which is created by the women standing with their backs to the viewer. It gives a feeling of something sacred and powerful. The detailed image of the hair gives a feeling of something ordinary in life which people do not pay attention to but at the same time its here around us and it’s beautiful. Your works are sober so it focuses on the essence without distractions on all the unnecessary decorations and I love it. I noticed your works long time ago but I was not ready to buy art. But now because of my mothers birthday, something pushed me to buy exactly this drawing to her. And as usual hate to mention it, the price also enable me to make this decision. The problem that I actually want this drawing for myself, to see it each day, so most probably a bit later I ll contact for you for the same one if you don’t mind 😅 I am also happy that you created it, because it enable me to buy something which creates strong emotions in me. Thank you. Maria

Very very nice! Being able to move this style from flowing hair to smooth skin to those reflective eyes is amazing!! Congrats on some fine work!! Vince

Interesting rendering of texture. Veronica

Ms Natalie.. just speechless for your style n perfection of sketching.. cannot make the size of lead or which of the pen do you use to draw such strokes. Simply amazing. Anand

Wow… stands out for uniqueness… Christopher

Truly amazing…’s so well done. Kala

I think it’s beautiful. Labor intensive I would imagine? At first glance, I feel this should be titled “Muse”, because her hair reminds me of musical notation. I would hang this in my studio. Michael

That’s excellent. Incredible talent! I’ve not seen this approach before. Helen

I like it like this, more abstract. Nice work as usual, Natalie. Lisa

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