I create portraits, usually of women only. The inspiration often comes from Old Masters on the one hand and photographs depicting actresses on the other hand. I mostly chose very famous portraits from the Renaissance and  Baroque period and images of well-known actresses because the audience is usually able to recognize them, which creates a link between the artwork and the viewer.

We shouldn’t forget that back in the days of the Old Masters women were legally only allowed to be muses and/or models but never artists in their own right. Even the way and poses how they are depicted are clearly steered towards a male audience and were generally showing the women as erotic, bewitching and available creatures with the single purpose to please men.

My drawings are executed with different kinds of pencils in shades of grey and white. The faces I create are constructed with geometrical shapes, mostly triangles. This technique results in a very contemporary look and sometimes reaches the verge of abstraction. When seen from a distance the work will certainly remind you of a rather realistic painting or a photograph. The intention is to bring the depicted image into our present day and show that things can change. My drawings are extremely intricate, detailed and therefore time-consuming to make. Luckily I enjoy the process immensely and very much enjoy seeing my work grow and come to life. Creating something is like magic.

Drawings inspired by famous paintings

When I draw movie stars I will oftentimes use images from the past because I have the impression that back in the days women were still perceived as more glamorous and mysterious. This second topic is also linked to the recent Me Too movement and the fact that it is still necessary even for strong, established and successful women to fight for their rights all over the world. A fact, which can basically be applied to every single profession. It’s one of the big issues that our generation has to deal with. Shockingly many societies all over the world keep on struggling with the question of equal rights, and female artists continue being extremely underrepresented in most of the museums and galleries. The prices paid for their works are only a fraction of the ones paid for those of their male counterparts. High time to change this!

Drawings inspired by photographs of famous actresses of the past and present

And then there are a few based on images that simply draw me in like bees to honey

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